How to Collaborate

In the present edition we want the conference to be an event organised with the collaboration of our members. Below we detail the possible forms of collaboration.

Preparation of the Conference

The conference itself is an opportunity for us to come together, a time of exchange, for the coproduction of know-how, and much more. Yet we are also seeking to promote the work of the IOPD network throughout the year. These are the different prior activities:

Organisation of Preparatory Activities

Organise prior activities throughout the year, so that we can work on the different themes that we are going to be dealing with during the conference: Direct Democracy, Citizens' Initiative and Ecosystems of Inclusive Participation.

The interested parties will have to share the programs for these sessions with the organisation committee, in order for them to be validated as Official Preparatory Sessions. Once validated they will be included in the official calendar of events.

Send an email to:

Proposals of Contents

The stage to submit proposals has ended. We have received more than 100, thanks to everyone for your collaboration! We are currently working on the program, but should you have a last-minut question or suggestion, you can contact us at

Economic Support for the Conference

The aim of this type of support is to increase the number of activities and pave the way for the participation of speakers and participants from as many countries as possible, by covering their travel and accommodation expenses. There are different levels of involvement, depending on the contribution that can be made. The support can either go to the general budget or to specific items (such as meals, translations, cultural activities, travel pool, etc.).*

To provide economic support for the conference please contact explaining the type of support that you would like to offer.